About Us

We've lived in Bucks County, PA  for over 40 years, raised our three children and now have six grown grandchildren.  Having been taught to sew and various needle techniques from my talented mother, it all came in handy making little Eton suits for my sons, frilly dresses for my daughter and draperies and furnishings for our home.  Seems I've been sewing forever and couldn't be very happy if there weren't lots of projects in my workroom and loads of fabrics on the shelf.


We enjoy antiquing and repurposing items and when I find a treasure from the past and it can be revived, restored, painted or all decked out, it'll be shared on the site.  Also, if there's something special you're looking for, let me know and I'll add it to my search.


A lovely, wonderful tradition is the ‘Hope Chest’ and I wish it were revived today by young people.  I was probably the only young girl among my friends with a ‘hope chest’ and that was very many years ago.  It was a collection of embroidered linens decorated by me, crocheted doilies, table cloths and table toppers carefully wrapped in tissue and put into the chest in the hope of one day having a home of my own and, oh yes, a husband to go with it!   Sewing, knitting, crochet and embroidery arts are being lost today or at least not practiced widely.  It is my wish to share these skills with others and to encourage everyone with these talents to do the same with their daughters and friends.  





























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